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Sanctuary Energy is an electricity retailer established to optimise and integrate services and energy infrastructure from initial project planning to development, operation and subsequent stage development.

Our focus at Sanctuary Energy is to provide competitive energy with renewable energy infrastructure to your community and property development.

Through our parent and industry partners; Sanctuary Energy has a unique capability to structure and offset infrastructure costs whilst giving substantial savings to small and large scale residential and commercial property development projects.

Sanctuary Energy engages property developers at the infrastructure level; therefore we can promote the development and operation of best-practice network management options. We are strongly promoting initiatives which will help in our goal for a sustainable future; these are Demand Management and Distributed Energy. These initiatives incorporate energy efficiency measures, load curtailment and renewable cogeneration.

With a strong commitment to sustainable and renewable infrastructure; Sanctuary Energy can offer great discounts and a variety of energy saving initiatives which will benefit our community. Our program includes energy efficient heating, cogeneration and demand side response.

The community as a whole has recently become a lot more environmentally aware. As the focus on environmental consciousness has increased, there is still a lot of work to be done. Up until now, the main obstacle holding people back from adopting cleaner energy solutions has been the cost. Our initiatives will provide you with a viable green alternative energy solution whilst saving you money on your standard electricity bill.

Solar energy is a clean, green and economical solution for reducing thousands of tonnes of harmful greenhouse gas emissions from our natural environment.

Together we can make a significant improvement to our air quality and reduce our dependence on rapidly depleting fossil fuels


  • Electricity Supply / Retail
  • Queensland Electricity Retail Authority (R01/08)
  • New South Wales Retail supply licence
  • South Australian Retail supply licence
  • Australian Capital Territory licence
  • National Electricity market customer licence

Electrical contractors licence

  • New South Wales - 235970C

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