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Produce your own electricity and sell off the amount that is surplus to your needs.

Whether you are a small to medium business or a large multi-national corporation; you can now reduce a major business expense. By installing a new Sanctuary Energy solar energy system you can sell your generated electricity back into the power grid.

There are several different systems that are available depending on your electricity consumption requirements that can provide significant cost savings.

For the first time you have the opportunity to produce your own electricity. This allows your business to save money on huge electricity price increases and make a worthwhile contribution to the environment by reducing damaging greenhouse gases.

Coal burning power stations represent some of the largest producers of damaging green house gases. Solar energy is a clean, cost-effective and sustainable power source that reduces the nation's dependence on dwindling fossil fuels and represents the future of energy production.

Sanctuary Energy has four different solar energy systems to suit your business' power requirements. Our high quality solar panel systems are engineered to withstand the demanding Australian conditions and will provide many years of trouble free service.

For your piece of mind all of our solar products are covered by an extended warranty and offer full technical support throughout Australia.

Take advantage of this limited offer now before it is too late!