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Tariff Rates

Depending upon whether your residential premises has a time-of-use meter or a standard flat pricing meter, this will determine what type of tariff is charged to you. Flat pricing rates charge an initial rate for your consumption and then change to a higher rate when a quarterly threshold is exceeded. Time-of-use tariffs are comprised of peak, shoulder and off-peak usage rates & daily supply charges. These rates are set by the respective state regulatory body and also include your distribution network charges.

Tariffs determine how your energy is billed. The factors that impact upon what tariff a resident is charged are:

  • What state is my house in?
  • What distribution network is my house in?
  • What type of meter does my house have, Is it a standard/basic meter or a time-of-use meter?

For current tariff rates please click here to view the Pricing Fact Sheets.

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